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ok im going to bed~ goodnight guys <3

allykatkay whispered: Hi ヾ( ' - '*) ! Answer this with ten facts about yourself then pass it to your ten favourite followers~~

so this ask is from october 10th 2013 and im gonna answer this now

  1. im really tired and about to go to bed
  2. you’re probably wondering why im answering this now and
  3. im just bored and i was looking at really old messages
  4. and i found this hehe
  5. i love my girlfriend more than anything/anyone
  6. my favorite color is black
  7. idk
  8. did i say im tired
  9. i’ve always been bad at answering these meh
  10. hi


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heeiichou asked: Yato or Levi?
Noragami OP

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